Frost International’s Collaboration with Dream Girl Foundation

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Frost International is collaborating with Dream Girl Foundation, a non formal education center, for a period of 1 year to uplift the education standards of children from backward areas. It is their earnest endeavor to improve the operation by giving their valuable inputs and resources to Dream Girl Foundation. In this blog we elucidate the action plan of Frost International for the first quarter (December-February)

Dream Girl Foundation

Primary action plan would not only concern with improving the quality of education, but with nurturing and nourishment of children, and it is divided into 4 phases.

  • First, allocating children in 2 classrooms; currently the NFE center has one classroom where all students study together, leading to unequal education level of students.
    • The focus is to divide students in two groups- one group for children the age of 7 years and second group for children between the ages of 7 to 14.
    • Moreover there will be a separate teacher for each group. This will help improve the quality of education imparted to students.
  • Second, greater emphasis would be placed on teaching English language and poetry in class. It will help in building trust and empathy in students, along with promoting speaking and listening skills.
  • Third, extracurricular activities will be promoted to build mental and physical strength of children. One day of each week will be especially dedicated to teach painting, origami etc.
  • Last but not the least, extending our covered area and increasing the number of beneficiaries with the help of loudspeaker announcement in local areas.
    • Currently the center is covering almost all backward regions of Surya Vihar, and has around 40 children.
    • The target is to add many more students in next 3 months through this campaign.

Republic Day Celebration at Dream Girl Foundation

Secondary Action Plan will aim to start a drive for ‘Donation in kind’, and to introduce etiquette classes making children good Samaritans. To ensure that children remain healthy during the winters, Frost International will start a drive where people can donate their old winter clothes. Also, Frost International will encourage its employees to participate in the drive. There is a need to teach children, who are from different regions and backward families, the importance of good behavior and etiquettes. For this very purpose, a monthly lecture on Personality Development and etiquettes would be conducted.

Frost International Limited Collaborate with Dream Girl Foundation

It is of paramount importance that there is a regular check on the quality of education and overall development of children. Keeping that in mind, general public would be allowed to visit the center on special occasions where they can interact freely with children. Moreover, Employees of Frost International will visit the center every Saturday to teach students and will give feedback to management on the progress of the students. On this republic day, employees of Frost International visited the center to spend quality time with the children. They hoisted the flag with children, and witnessed their dance performances. Along with that, they had a quality interaction with children to map their progress.

A campaign to spread awareness about the campaign would be run on multiple social media platforms. It will help in getting support and increase the reach of our initiative, which will assist us in uplifting the future of more children from these backward areas.

It’s a tough task to execute it, but the collaboration between Dream Girl Foundation and Frost International, would leave no stone unturned to make it a success. After all, the future of children depends on it.


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