Frost International’s Collaboration with Dream Girl Foundation

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Frost International is collaborating with Dream Girl Foundation, a non formal education center, for a period of 1 year to uplift the education standards of children from backward areas. It is their earnest endeavor to improve the operation by giving their valuable inputs and resources to Dream Girl Foundation. In this blog we elucidate the action plan of Frost International for the first quarter (December-February)

Dream Girl Foundation

Primary action plan would not only concern with improving the quality of education, but with nurturing and nourishment of children, and it is divided into 4 phases.

  • First, allocating children in 2 classrooms; currently the NFE center has one classroom where all students study together, leading to unequal education level of students.
    • The focus is to divide students in two groups- one group for children the age of 7 years and second group for children between the ages of 7 to 14.
    • Moreover there will be a separate teacher for each group. This will help improve the quality of education imparted to students.
  • Second, greater emphasis would be placed on teaching English language and poetry in class. It will help in building trust and empathy in students, along with promoting speaking and listening skills.
  • Third, extracurricular activities will be promoted to build mental and physical strength of children. One day of each week will be especially dedicated to teach painting, origami etc.
  • Last but not the least, extending our covered area and increasing the number of beneficiaries with the help of loudspeaker announcement in local areas.
    • Currently the center is covering almost all backward regions of Surya Vihar, and has around 40 children.
    • The target is to add many more students in next 3 months through this campaign.

Republic Day Celebration at Dream Girl Foundation

Secondary Action Plan will aim to start a drive for ‘Donation in kind’, and to introduce etiquette classes making children good Samaritans. To ensure that children remain healthy during the winters, Frost International will start a drive where people can donate their old winter clothes. Also, Frost International will encourage its employees to participate in the drive. There is a need to teach children, who are from different regions and backward families, the importance of good behavior and etiquettes. For this very purpose, a monthly lecture on Personality Development and etiquettes would be conducted.

Frost International Limited Collaborate with Dream Girl Foundation

It is of paramount importance that there is a regular check on the quality of education and overall development of children. Keeping that in mind, general public would be allowed to visit the center on special occasions where they can interact freely with children. Moreover, Employees of Frost International will visit the center every Saturday to teach students and will give feedback to management on the progress of the students. On this republic day, employees of Frost International visited the center to spend quality time with the children. They hoisted the flag with children, and witnessed their dance performances. Along with that, they had a quality interaction with children to map their progress.

A campaign to spread awareness about the campaign would be run on multiple social media platforms. It will help in getting support and increase the reach of our initiative, which will assist us in uplifting the future of more children from these backward areas.

It’s a tough task to execute it, but the collaboration between Dream Girl Foundation and Frost International, would leave no stone unturned to make it a success. After all, the future of children depends on it.


Frost International Limited Gives Back to Society

Frost International KanpurThough a powerhouse in the trading sector, Frost International is keenly aware of its role as a responsible corporate citizen. In this regard, the organisation has several tie-ups and partnerships with aid organisations and NGOs and has also setup a wind power facility for a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

Being born of an ages-old friendship, Frost International understands the importance of give and take in a relationship. We are aware that we exist in a living, breathing society and that it is extremely important to give back to the society we live and work in. Frost International is also committed to preserving the environment for future generations, regularly undertaking and supporting causes that help in making significant contributions.

Besides financial contributions to numerous charities, educational programs and institutions, and healthcare initiatives, Frost makes direct and significant contributions for the betterment of society in the city of Kanpur, which hosts its roots. Furthermore, the company has set up a Green Energy facility to generate power from the wind in Tamil Nadu.

Frost International Limited Kanpur Birhana Road

Indo – Canadian Cancer Research Foundation (ICCRF)

Frost International Ltd. has entered into a long term alliance with Aidmatrix to support various social causes that the organisation works on. As its first endeavour with Aid Matrix, Frost is contributing towards the The Indo-Canadian Cancer Research Foundation (ICRRF). ICRRF was established in 2007 to create awareness about cancer amongst people, particularly young people around the world. Besides creating cancer awareness, the organisation also helps raise funds for supporting research for potential cures.

Besides Frost International, this endeavour is also supported by the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi and ‘YouWeCan’, an initiative of the Yuvraj Singh Foundation.

Frost International Limited in Kanpur

Jammu & Kashmir Relief Fund

Frost International is also in a partnership with Uday Foundation, one of India’s largest volunteer based non-governmental organisations, through which it volunteered in the J&K flood relief efforts.

Torrential rains had caused massive destruction and severe distress in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Several houses, especially in low lying areas, were damaged or entirely washed away. More than 2,500 major and minor roads were damaged, numerous footbridges washed away and more than 100 motorable bridges damaged. During this time there was massive need for immediate medication as a number of people were suffering from various waterborne diseases.

To aid support, Frost International provided medications to serve more than 500 people. This was spearheaded by Mr.Rahul Verma, Founder of Uday Foundation who made sure that the required medicines reach the most critical patients in no time.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Besides aid and charity, Frost International is also keen on leaving a clean and green earth for future generations. In pursuit of this goal, we have setup a wind power generation project in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, to promote sustainable development.

The 4.25 MW wind project is registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC).The CDM allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2. These CERs can be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to a meet a part of their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol. This mechanism stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions.

The Tamil Nadu project reduces 7,753 ton carbon dioxide emissions annually and is eligible to earn carbon credits from December 03, 2012. The emission reduction will assist global attempts to reduce global warming and avoid climate change.

How Frost International is Ruling the Trading Business?

One of the best trading houses in India, Frost International from Kanpur, is a strong string attached to India’s exchange industry. Commodities market is not easy for a business to spread wings, but Frost International has been doing it for years now. With its presence in so many countries and healthy customer relation it is continuously making its mark on the global scene.

Let’s have a look at the import facilities provided by the export trading house-


Agro Commodities

Frost International Limited is a renowned trading company in agricultural commodities like soya and related products, palm oil, rapeseed oil, rice and pulses. They have a presence in major mass-producing foreign countries and India to support the import channel and reach to the various states in India.

Frost International Kanpur Agro Commodities Trading
Frost International – Agro Commodities Trading


Metals and Minerals

Being one of the leading importers of Coal in the world, Frost International from Kanpur manages the imports of different type of coals to Indian and China. The best quality of Coal comes from South Africa, North America, Europe and Indonesia, which reach to public and private sector industries with help of the trading company.

Frost International Metals & Minerals Trading
Frost International Metals & Minerals Trading


Plastics, Petrochemicals and Polymers

Frost international Kanpur imports polymers, Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC) and Polypropylene granules from some of the world’s biggest manufactures. They source the material form South Korea, China, Taiwan, Middle East, Canada, U.S and manage everything till the time of final delivery at client’s doorsteps all over India.

Frost International Plastics, Petrochemicals and Polymers Trading
Frost International Plastics, Petrochemicals and Polymers Trading


Precious Metals

Frost international is going big with the bullion trade that consists Gold and Silver by expanding into the country and outside. Frost international is a proud registered member of MMTC Ltd., State Trading Corporation of India (STC) and Handloom Corporation of India (HHEC) for importing the precious metals into the country. For years they are working with wholesalers and retailers in Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Frost International Precious Metal Trading House in kanpur
Frost International Precious Metal Trading House in Kanpur


Chartering Desk

Frost international limited has set up a fleet of cargo vessels for shipment transfers in India and abroad. The fleet provides lease services to close business associates on relatively low prices to support its business mission.

Frost International Limited Chartering Desk
Frost International Limited Chartering Desk

It expedites the cargo movement and trading business to achieve delivery commitments for smaller businesses also. The desk is located at Mumbai and Singapore harbors to ensure connectivity for imports and exports.

Meet Our Business Heads (Directors) – Frost International Limited Kanpur

frost international kanpur
Agro Commodities Trading House Frost International Kanpur

Established in 1995, Frost International Limited in Kanpur is recognized as a star exchanging house by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India. For 20 years, Frost International Limited has exchanged differing products like minerals and metals, plastics, materials, fabrics, agro wares, hardware, and others. With its existence in 25 nations across six continents, Frost International Limited is known for its premium quality, idea execution, competitive price-value and customer delight.

Frost International Kanpur Trading House
Metals & Minerals Project by Frost International Kanpur Trading House

Frost International has its roots in the friendship of its three Founder Directors that began even before their tenure during graduate school. Uniting their abilities, encounters and values, Frost International had its unassuming beginnings in exchange with the Russian Federation during an era when the World was seeing an adjustment in the rankings of World Powers.

Frost International
Plastics, Petrochemicals and Polymers Trading Company Frost International in Kanpur

The team across Frost International Limited is an intense mix of extremely experienced, seasoned professional and youthful firearms that represent India of today and a brighter tomorrow. Together, this powerful mix endeavors over all facets of the organization to overcome all difficulties to take Frost to more prominent statures step by step.

Precious Metals Trading Company in Kanpur Frost International
Precious Metals (Bullion – Gold and Silver) Trading Company in Kanpur Frost International

If the talk about the first Founder Director Mr. Uday J. Desai, he has been with Frost International since its initiation in 1995, first as a partner in Metachem and afterward as promoter of the organization. A science graduate, he also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration, and it is his vision plus with his business discernment that has been instrumental in helping Frost International build exchange in a large portfolio of commodities across various countries.

Having started Frost International Limited’s first export to Moscow, Russia, he has throughout the years developed his core area of expertise. His travels over the globe and sharp knowledge of business sector and exchange motion are what drive Frost International Limited towards turning into a worldwide Company.

If we talk of of second Founder Director Mr. Sunil Verma, has been with Frost International since May 1995, first as an accomplice in Metachem and afterward as the starting promoter of the organization. A science graduate, he also holds a lone degree in Law, and has played a key role in the Administration, Accounts and Taxation, Human Resource Management and Operations for Frost International Limited. Furthermore, he is also involved in social and altruistic work.